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AIS Software, a.s.
Provazníkova / Hálkova 84
613 00 Brno
TEL.: (+420) 545 564 111
FAX: (+420) 545 564 182

AIS Software, a.s.
is the holder of the certificate:

EN ISO 9001 : 2015

Bigger version of the ISO EN 9001:2015 certificate holds by AIS Software, a.s.

Czech Republic

Slovak Republic

Generali Slovensko poisťovňa, a.s.

Česká poisťovňa - Slovensko, a.s. decided in year 2006 to substitute their existing information system with new operational information system for commercial insurance companies from company AIS Software, a.s. - with system SIRAEL. The implementation project has been started on 1.1.2007. The beginning of the full operational exploitation of new system SIRAEL is planned on the third quarter of the year 2008.

Poisťovňa poštovej banky, a.s.

In the middle of the year 2007, our company was addressed by Tatra insurance company to join the selection procedure for supply new runtime Information System for this insurance company. AIS Software, a.s. won the competition and after necessary implementation works will be done, our company is preparing to bring the Information System SIRAEL to operation conditions.


Insurance company Etalon

In April 2005 was concluded agreement between companies Ukrainian insurance company Etalon and company AIS Software, a.s. about that the insurance company Etalon will participate on the development of the new operational insurance information system - SIRAEL - and will be the first customer, who will use information system SIRAEL. In December 2006 was the system SIRAEL started in testing mode and after the successful test was in March 2007 started full operational mode for two territorial areas of insurance company Etalon. From july 2007 is information system SIRAEL in full operational mode for all 27 territorial areas where the insurance company Etalon in Ukraine acts.
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